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Entering the Domain des Gaulleteries is entering a world of order and peace. The bright entryway of the family estate matches the large welcoming smile of vintner Francine Lelais. She, too, is one of those dynamic women who operate vineyards. As such, she brings a sensibility and style to her boutique operation that is envy of other growers throughout the region.

This domain of 35 acres is located on the banks of the Loir River, just above where it joins the more famous Loire River, in the Middle Loire area of Touraine and consists of calcareous-clay hillsides, all facing south or south-east.

Jasnières is planted to Pineau de la Loire, the local name for Chenin Blanc, and is the region's smallest and rarest appellation. The result is an exquisite dry white wine. A critic described one squeezing as follows: “Pale yellow, discreet white flowers and dry honey on the nose, a precise vineyard expression, both ripe and firm, impressively individual.”

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Two concepts central to higher end French wines are the notion of "terroir", which links the style of the wines to the specific locations where the grapes are grown and the wine is made, and the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) France and (AOP) Appellation d’Origine Protégée Europe system. Appellation rules closely define which grape varieties and winemaking practices are approved for classification in each of France's several hundred geographically defined appellations, which can cover entire regions, individual villages or even specific vineyards.

We do not select wines based on them being organic, biodynamic, or sustainable, but many of the wines produced by our winemakres fall in to one or more of these categories. The US regulations for organic wines are different from the French regulations for organic wines. Therefore, the French organic wines can’t carry on the bottle the French organic logo. We will mentionned in our descriptif if the wine is labeled organic in France.