SAINT POURCAIN Luc et Claudine TISSERAND Domaine Terre de ROA

Domaine Terre de ROA

aoc /appellation: SAINT POURCAIN

Claudine and Luc Tisserand are the proud owners of the domain Terre De ROA.

This is the first and only organic (According to French regulations) domain in the Saint Pourçain appellation. T Saint Pourçain wines were drunk at the king’s court as early as the 13th century. Saint Pourçain is South of the Loire Valley in the central region of France.

Today, the vineyard is a total of 46 acres and divided into two parcels, one on sandy soils and the other on granite soil - bringing to the wine its unique expression. Only indigenous yeast is used to produce the wines. The domain produces four distinct red wines, which pair marvellously with prime rib or chilli con carne.